ICEdot creates innovative safety technology for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.ICEdot syncs a secure online profile with a unique PIN. In case of emergency (ICE) the PIN can be text messaged to a number and will reply back with who you are and who to call. It has the ability to offer as little or as much information you want communicated in an emergency. The ICEdot PIN is displayed on any of our products, including:

The Band
The Snap

Our latest innovation is revolutionizing the athletic safety industry: The ICEdot Crash Sensor.

The Crash Sensor is a small device that adheres to a helmet and uses low energy bluetooth technology to pair with a smartphone app. The sensor is filled with accelerometers that gauge changes of force, speed and impact. When the sensor detects an impact it will set off an emergency countdown clock on your phone. If the countdown is not manually turned off it will alert your emergency contacts of an incident and send them a GPS location of where your impact occurred.

ICEdot is a company full of everyday athletes that continue to innovate safety products they want to use in their own lives.

Tulsa Tough
Saint Francis Tulsa Tough is a premier three-day cycling festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It features two days of challenging rides in true Gran Fondo style and professional-level criterium races in three distinct festival venues. It is held each year on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in early June.Saint Francis Tulsa Tough was born out of a passion to create a top-flite, professional caliber cycling event for Tulsa. It’s founders possess many decades of experience in bicycling as riders, racers, successful event promoters, business and community leaders. A unifying value in the heart of every member of the executive committee is a strong love for the City of Tulsa and a desire to make a long term, sustainable contribution to our community.